Table of Contents


Since the Beginning


1. Is there a Heaven?                                          

2. How can God allow pain and suffering

or the death of innocent people?                       

3. What is The Reason for our Existence?       

4. The Dead Sea Scrolls                                    

5. Seeds                                                              

6. Lots of Proof                                                 

7. Who is this man Jesus?                                 

8. The Perfection of Mankind                           

9. Choices                                                          

10. Is there a Hell?                                            



By the Way                                                         

What are the answers?                             


Fun Challenges                                                


Near Death Experiences


Lots More Proof


Click Here To Watch Documentaries on That Prove That There Is Life After Death




What are the Answers?

You know the answers… don't we. He's been giving us the answers… all along. The right answers… they are all around us… always have been… always will be.

But we don't listen… we are hard headed… we have to learn the hard way… Don't you think it might be a good idea to learn this lesson the easy way? Please… Just this one time… Just listen up and do… rather than the alternative?

The answers are right here. Don't Steal or Murder. Don't Curse or Covet. Tell the truth. Live the Truth. Honor others, especially Mom and Dad . Stay on the Straight and Narrow Path. Love One Another. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you . Or Follow His Commandments. Follow His Word. Have Faith in Him. If everyone did these things we would be in paradise. Isn't that right?

The answers are right here.
Is it hard to understand?
Or is it crystal clear?
The answers are right here.
They are in your heart.


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