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Since the Beginning


1. Is there a Heaven?                                          

2. How can God allow pain and suffering

or the death of innocent people?                       

3. What is The Reason for our Existence?       

4. The Dead Sea Scrolls                                    

5. Seeds                                                              

6. Lots of Proof                                                 

7. Who is this man Jesus?                                 

8. The Perfection of Mankind                           

9. Choices                                                          

10. Is there a Hell?                                            



By the Way                                                         

What are the answers?                             


Fun Challenges   



Near Death Experiences


Lots More Proof


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Chapter Eight

The Perfection of Mankind

Mankind is, by far, the most vile, vulgar, murdering, lying, cheating, stealing, cursing, raping, sinning, wretched being that is on the Earth. You might say that we are not perfect. All men and women are imperfect. None are perfect. So how can we be free of sin? We can't. We will falter, no matter how hard we try… we will mess up, as they say, we are only human.

So what do we do about it?

Our best. Your very best. We try. And when we make mistakes, we learn. You say, "I'm sorry" and try not to do that again. Which is known as "asking forgiveness, and repenting". By doing this and having Faith in God in life we become perfect in the hereafter, like God, perfect and pure, like His Son. We are perfected by His Son.

Because, you see. God so loved the world that he gave His Son so that we might have everlasting life. So that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish. John 3:16

Jesus died. I mean He suffered and died. He was crucified and pierced. They drove nails through his limbs and pierced his side . He died for us. With His death He took the burden of sin off all Mankind.

His blood cleanses us… to make us pure… so we can get into Heaven… or Paradise. That is the way, the only way, through Him, that died for us, to forgive us our sin… to perfect us.

What an example Jesus was for us. So good. Most everyone that met Him loved Him. And His teachings! And He walked in the Holy Lands and spoke the words of His Father . They saw Him and heard Him. And He healed people and did miracles. He showed us, in person . We saw it, with human eyes. He gave us proof.

And He gave his life. That is… He gave His life. And showed complete Faith. And asked forgiveness for those that murdered Him. And He told us that He would Rise Again … to show us… that there is life after death. And He did. He proved it. And they saw Him. Risen from the dead. And they knew it was Him. They examined his wounds . It was Him. He proved it. And they wrote it down . And kept it. For all time.

God gave His Son… to cleanse us… Jesus died on the cross… to wipe away our sin. To give us grace. To open our eyes, so that we can see the Way. To give us a chance to be perfect, so we can live in paradise forever.

God brought his Son back to life to show us there is life after death .



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