Table of Contents


Since the Beginning


1. Is there a Heaven?                                          

2. How can God allow pain and suffering

or the death of innocent people?                       

3. What is The Reason for our Existence?       

4. The Dead Sea Scrolls                                    

5. Seeds                                                              

6. Lots of Proof                                                 

7. Who is this man Jesus?                                 

8. The Perfection of Mankind                           

9. Choices                                                          

10. Is there a Hell?                                            



By the Way                                                         

What are the answers?                             


Fun Challenges  



Near Death Experiences


Lots More Proof


Click Here To Watch Documentaries on That Prove That There Is Life After Death




By the Way

By the way. This is urgent. Don't put this off. Please don't procrastinate on this matter. Don't let the most important decision you will ever make pass you by. Your time could come at any moment. And then it will be too late…unless…

Be ready. Always be ready. Why? Because He is coming again. But this time it won't be to give us the answers. He's already done that. Next time He comes 'twill be to save the ones that got the message and condemn the ones that didn't. So… be ready, don't wait… hurry up! Get saved… By The Way… His Way.


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