Table of Contents


Since the Beginning

1. Is there a Heaven?

2. How can God allow pain and suffering

or the death of innocent people?

3. What is The Reason for our Existence?

4. The Dead Sea Scrolls

5. Seeds

6. Lots of Proof

7. Who is this man Jesus?

8. The Perfection of Mankind

9. Choices

10. Is there a Hell?



By the Way

What are the answers?


Fun Challenges



Near Death Experiences

Lots More Proof


Click Here To Watch Documentaries on That Prove That There Is Life After Death




These sites provide more proof of life after death.


More Proof Of Heaven

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International Association for Near-Death Studies

Near Death Experience Research Foundation

Dr. Raymond Moody's Official Website

Book - Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody

Studies on Children's Near Death Experience

Book - Into The Light by John Lerma M.D.

Book - Evidence of the Afterlife by Paul Perry and Dr Jeffery Long M.D.

Book - Proof Of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander

More Books About Near Death Experience

You Tube Dr. Eben Alexander Shares His Near Death Experience

The Institute for Afterlife Research

Near Death

Google Search for Near Death Experience

Bing Search for Near Death Experience

Even more proof on in the last 5 minutes of National Geographic's Moment of Death on

Even more proof on in Afterlife


"Call The Doctor" TV Show discussion on NDEs



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